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Gelöst: Hi Leute! Habe mir eine gebrauchte Handycam DCR-SR32 gekauft und leider hat der Vorbesitzer die Software CD brauche ich und wo.
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I purchased this camcorder to transfer some old VHS and 8mm tapes to my computer. Using a firewire cable, I was able to transfer all my 8mm tapes directly to my computer. I was able to use Windows Movie Maker to capture the footage via firewire, and the software was able to control the camera.

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This was great because I could skip segments that I did not want to transfer. I also hooked up a VCR to the camcorder and recorded those onto a digital Hi8 tape. From there I could transfer the video to the computer the same way I did with the 8mm tapes. I have no interest in recording new footage, but the Hi8 tapes should give you pretty good results.

You won't get HD quality like on more modern camcorders, but if you just plan to share videos via the internet, HD is probably overkill for most use rs. My only complaint is that when I transferred analog video to a memory card, the resolution of the video was very small. If you are like me and are looking for a way to transfer old analog tapes to your computer, this is an excellent choice.

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My original Hi8 Camera no longer worked, so I bought this to do that job. It might take awhile to remember when and how to use the menus, but again the screen is so responsive that flying through the menus to find what you need goes fairly fast. There's also a set of four buttons lining the left LCD bezel that come in handy when recording overhead or at a low angle: Maybe I've become spoiled by the sharpness and detail of HD video, but as with many budget standard-def camcorders I find the SR45's video quality disappointing.

How to Transfer Sony Handycam Video to Computer Using PlayMemories Home

Nor does it appear to have improved from the SR Video looks soft and displays quite a bit of noise and artifacts until you scale down to YouTube-size dimensions. Anyone planning on full-screen playback on even a small TV will likely be unhappy with the results. If you still live completely in a low-resolution world or simply want to capture the moment no matter how it looks, the SR45 will suffice. But you might get better photos out of your camera phone. On the upside, it performs pretty well, with responsive autofocus, pretty good white balance, and quickly adjusting autoexposure.

Its compact, lightweight build is great for grab-and-go videos. And it's easy to operate thanks in part to a responsive, 2. Sadly, it's only the video quality that doesn't live up to the rest of the package. But if you don't care about that, neither do we.

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All the goodness of the Hero4 Black and Silver mixed in with a whole new bag of tricks. Die besten Momente für immer festhalten.

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I found the link to get the drive on the sony website in the United kingdom. Sony is offering Picture Motion Browser version 2. I did however find one step missing and it might help other users. When doing the following step: PlayMemories HomeWe'll redirect you to the correct page.

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If this doesn't happen automatically, please click on the link below. Leider habe ich keine Software und finde auch keine.

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Now you can shoot fara way subjects such as. Using Optical zoom allows you to get much. By enabling Film Roll Index it is possible to preview th e beginning of scenes and create scene inde xes set at specified. Handycam also features Face Index, allo wing the user to pla y scenes si mpl y by pressing the human faces detected. The supplied Picture Motion Bro wser software makes uploa ding your footage to YouT ube or your favourite online.

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    Ich habe nach einer netten App geschaut, mit der ich meine Kinder im Blick behalten kann, auch wenn ich nicht in der Nähe bin. Da hat mir ein Freund mSpy empfohlen.

    Den Angaben nach ist die App nur für legales Monitoring vorgesehen.